Welcome to Coping with College Stress

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Welcome to Coping with College Stress

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:33 pm

Hi College Students,

Have you ever just felt like school, work, relationships, etc were just dragging you down making you feel lonely, overwhelmed, or just feeling like given up. Believe it or not many of us are facing these same situations, including myself. A group of likeminded college students got together to make a safe place for us to write down those feelings and come together as a community to talk about how we can help to fix these issues, or simply just be here for support. This is a perfect place to just get it all out there.

Please understand this is a community that helps one another with acceptance and respect. We are here to listen and to become each others support system. If you have tips or advice to share or just want to get your feelings out there feel free to start a new post!

I look forward to this forum becoming a community. Let's beat college stress together.

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